Reasons why it is great to be a girl

  1. Heels!!!!
  2. Skirts that spin
  3. You can use coupons without losing your manhood
  4. PINK and especially P.i.n.k.
  5. Not having to wear ties and shirtsleeves in the summer.
  6. General higher level of functioning when it comes to logistics (this is a generality, but often very true)
  7. Free stuff – like car being fixed for free, leaking drain being fixed for free in the middle of the night, free drinks on your birthday
  8. It’s ok to be ditzy sometimes
  9. Girlfriends ❤
  10. Having a cute husband

One Comment to “Reasons why it is great to be a girl”

  1. 6. Just plain wrong. The U.S. Navy defeated the Japanese EMPIRE in 3.5 years, largely for logistical reasons, and the only women in the fleet were nurses.

    7. If you’re a guy and you have any friends at all, the last example is irrelevant.

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