Mr. Nice (Tough) Guy

First off, I apologize for my absence from the site for so long.  I’ve been spending my time just trying to keep my head above water and posting here has not been numero uno on my priority list (although I know that my legion of adoring readers would say that it should be).

So, for the majority of Tony Romo’s career, he has been known more for his who’s who list of arm candy (currently Candice Crawford, FYI) ( and his botched snap in the 2006 postseason) than for his numerous successes on the football field.  Romo has the fifth highest career QB rating of all time (behind Rodgers, Young, Rivers, and Brady).  He took over a struggling Dallas Cowboys team in 2006 and turned them into a 13-3 team the next year, and has kept the Cowboys in playoff contention ever since (discounting last year’s injury shortened season).  But when you mention Romo’s name, all people tend to mention is that he’s “soft”, “cracks under pressure”, isn’t “focused on the game”.

They’re all wrong.

Over the past two weekends, Romo proved his heart, toughness, and leadership, qualities I knew he possessed all along.  He was injured on the second play of the game in Week 2 against San Francisco 49s but still finished out the half.  After discovering that he had 2 fractured ribs, he ignored his coach’s order to sit and instead grabbed his helmet, marched onto the field, and led his team to an amazing comeback.  The next day he discovered that along with the fractured ribs he also had a punctured lung.  The next week an obviously very much in pain Romo led a seriously depleted offense, full of 4th and 5th string receivers and a center who seemed to be physically incapable of correctly snapping the ball, to another come-from-behind victory over the rival Redskins.  These actions are not those of a soft and unfocused quarterback.  These are the actions of a winner – a  Mr. Tough Guy.

What have YOU done with two fractured ribs and a puncture lung?

Things that are AWESOME!

UPDATE: So it turns out that my posts are the equivalent of my fantasy football team.  In fantasy land it seems that a roster spot on my team is a sure sign that you will suffer a season ending injury (Manning, Charles, Britt…) or be subject to a week-to-week nagging injury (SJax, Foster).

I should have known that in blog-post land, my writings would have a similar effect.  Because of this phenomenon, I take the blame for Romo’s three picks against Detroit this past Sunday.  I will never write about Romo of the Cowboys on Vivid Karet again.

So, with that being the case, those Rangers look completely awesome awful.  Go Rangers Tampa Bay Rays!!!


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  1. I’m guessing this article is going to be edited now?

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