Zanahoria3’s cousin came to visit the other day (he recently moved to Florida), and he explained that he was in town to save the bonsai trees. There is no lock on their enclosure at the DC arboretum, so there is a massive security system in place to keep them safe. He was working on the coding for the security system.

He noted that some of the pottery in the exhibit is actually more expensive than the bonsai trees. Another piece of intel from him – the bonsai trees need to have their roots trimmed periodically so they stay small, just as the branches are trimmed.

They have to take all the dirt out of the roots, and then they trim them carefully. Some of the bonsai trees are almost 400 years old. This process has occurred regularly for almost 400 years. That means that in the 1600s, some guy was emptying out the dirt from these bonsai trees and trimming them carefully.

I had been to the bonsai exhibit a long time ago with my family… And we went again today!

And if you want a bonsai of your very own, and you need one immediately, they sell them at the social Safeway in Georgetown for $99.99. Otherwise, they’re cheaper online.

While at the arboretum, we also visited the herb garden… where they had at least four rosemary bushes. We used to have a gargantuan rosemary bush right outside our door in Texas. It was amazing, and we would put whole branches of rosemary in the pot when we cooked pasta.

So if you want the ultimate Rosemary/Bonsai experience, here you go –

Rosemary Bonsai, ProFlowers, $47.99 (plus shipping)


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