What to do in a hurricane

So we are currently experiencing somewhat of a hurricane in DC… And if all you have in your kitchen is cream of coconut and gin, never fear!  The combination of the two make for a great drink.  Just mix them up with some ice in the blender.

If you happen to have a spare coconut, you can:

  1. Drill three holes in the top (use a hammer and screwdriver).
  2. Empty out the juice.*
  3. Crush the rest of the coconut (use a hammer).**
  4. Separate the coconut meat from the shell (use a spoon and peel it like an avocado).
  5. Stick some of the coconut meat in the blender with the gin, ice, and cream of coconut.

Many thanks to the Embassy of the Bahamas for providing the idea for this recipe!

*Save this for later.  You can mix it with rum, ice, and sugar.
**Do not ask your husband for help with Step 3, especially if he is watching a UFC fight and football at the same time.


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