On the occasion of Ike’s 14th birthday

Last year, Ike became a teenager. We bought Ike the hermit crab in 1997 at Rehobeth Beach, Delaware, along with his brother Jake. Imagine our excitement – my brother and I had never been allowed to own pets before, and now we had two awesome ones.

My parents had done their research – hermit crabs are the easiest pet to take care of, they’re clean, they don’t carry diseases, and they are always ready to climb and interact when you take them out of their cage.

Jake was very timid, and promptly died. We immediately bought Ike a new friend, Mike, because hermit crabs usually get sad and die if they don’t have a friend. After a few more changes, Ike lives with Speedo (birthday Sept 4, 1998) and Zircon.

His cousins Harold (named after zanahoria3’s great uncle and star of a children’s book), Thornton, and Ronald (who has gorgeous big eyes and is named for Reagan) live nearby and visit occasionally.

It’s been a good 14 years, and I look forward to many more!!


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