When the NFL lockout was lifted, the first thing that I thought was, “Awesome!  We can still play fantasy football this year!”.

I played in 4 football leagues last year and currently am registered for 2 leagues, with 2 more  distinctly possible.  This is in addition to the fantasy baseball league that I am currently running and the fantasy basketball league for which I serve as commissioner every Winter.  My favorite league every year, and the one that I put by far the most time and effort into, is a league comprised of college buddies and younger brothers.  This league is a dynasty/franchise league, so every owner can retain as many players as he like from year to year.  It really changes how you approach the draft each season, as I try to determine whether or not a certain player is worth giving up a 6th round pick.  Rather than just taking the best player on the board, it makes you take stock of the other teams and in the league and attempt and discerning how they will draft.  Needless to say, I am very excited for this season, as I won the championship, the “Socrates Award for Excellence” last year.  The draft party is this Saturday evening, so I have quite a bit of research still to do!

So that last paragraph was a little rambling, what I really wanted to write about in this post is the appeal of fantasy sports for guys.  A lot of us take it very seriously, as many wives and girlfriends have learned to their dismay.  Why is that?  How did managing and imaginary team become so important to so many gentlemen?  I don’t presume to speak for everybody, but for me personally, the enjoyment of fantasy sports can probably be boiled down into 2 things: competition and watching games.

Competition.  This one is easy.  I’m a guy and I like sports.  I also like competing against my friends (and beating them – see the Socrates Award for Excellence above) in sports related activities.  Fantasy football is simply another venue for this beat-down to occur.  I can only assume that my friends enjoy fantasy football because they like to lose to me.

Watching Games.  Monday Night Football is a great invention.  Mondays traditionally suck, but with MNF, you have something to seriously look forward to.  Unless the match-up is Cincinnati vs. Carolina.  Who wants to watch that?  But if you and your opponent are virtually tied going into Monday night, and you have AJ Green starting in your lineup and your opponent is starting Steve Smith suddenly you are both glued to the game and actually have a rooting interest.

And besides all of that, fantasy sports also help with, uh, basic math skills…


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