Thoughts on the End of the NFL Lockout

I know that this is a day late, but I wanted to give my bazillion cents worth on the end of the NFL lockout.

First, the fact that we had a lockout in the first place is ludicrous.  The NFL is a $9.3 BILLION business and the owners and players split this money – not exactly a bad gig.  This lockout isn’t the same as the one in the NBA, where most teams are losing money hand over fist.  The NFL is an insanely profitable business and the lockout was simply an instance of both sides being greedy.

Second, both the owners and the players came out as winners.  The owners increased their share of revenue from 47% to 52% (5% of $9.3 billion is more than you will see in your entire lifetime).  The players, on the other hand, received a minimum spend, equating to 89% of the salary cap (basically, the owners must spend at least $107.1 million of their allotted $120.375 million salary cap) and minimum salaries are increasing across the board.  Also, no extra regular season games, at least for the time being.

Third, both sides really wanted to get this wrapped up so as not to lose any regular season games (after all, we are talking about a $9.3 billion dollar enterprise). The process was eerily similar to Capitol Hill – both sides posture and spin sound bites but in the 11th hour they finally come together to actually accomplish something.

Fourth, this coming weekend is going to be INSANE!!!!!  With the return of the pre-2010 free agency rules, 448 players will hit the unrestricted free agency market on July 28.  With pre-season games starting on August 11, we will basically have one crazy week of signings and roster changes.  What is usually spread over a several month long period is being incredibly condensed.  I, for one, am going to be glued to the rumor mill and any tweets from the NFL insiders.  It’s going to be fun and will definitely get folks ready for some FOOTBALL!!!

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