Road tripping

The Vivid Karet team is on a road trip, and the adventures have only just begun. During the car ride, Harold the hermit crab has agreed to become a guest contributor to the blog…….

I knew something big was coming. I could no longer hear the noises that came from what my person called Juju – these were frightening noises, but I wondered where Juju had gone. My person had also made piles of bags near my cage. This was something that usually happens, but not in such massive quantities.

As I was reflecting on these matters this morning, I suddenly found myself in midair, and when I looked out of my shell, I found myself in my travel cage. My brothers Thornton and Ronald followed shortly thereafter. I didn’t know if my normal cage was just being cleaned for today (it was a Saturday and my person was at home) or whether something else was going on.

I soon discovered that this was no routine cleaning day, as the travel cage was lifted off the ground – we were going on a road trip!!

It’s not August yet, so I am puzzled. Usually we go to the beach in August to celebrate our cousin’s birthday – this year cousin Ike will turn 14. I’m only 4 or 5. My person can’t remember my birthday. But according to my calendar, this isn’t August.

I’m now in the front of the car, which probably means that there’s someone else or a lot of luggage in the back seat.

Ronald is nervous – he has dug a hole. Thornton is excited – he was climbing around and now he is sitting on Ronald.

I am pensive. We’ve been in the car for several hours now, and my hermit crab sense tells me that we’re somewhere in North Carolina. I wonder where we’re going? Maybe there will be other hermit crabs there. Maybe I’ll make friends with another chinchilla – or even a turtle!!



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