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July 30, 2011

Unselfishness Still Exists

The owner of the Indianapolis Colts, Jim Irsay, was public in his desire to make Peyton Manning, his star quarterback, the highest paid player in the NFL.  Rather than accepting the $100 million, 5 year deal that he was offered, Manning asked Isray to to knock $10 million off the price tag and use that money to re-sign his teammates in order to keep the team as competitive as possible.  Granted, $18 million per year over 5 years does not exactly leave Manning suffering, but it is rare to see anyone turn down money in order to help their team.  This move by Manning is also notable because the $100 million deal would have made him the highest-paid NFL player of all time.

It reminds me of when Tim Duncan, arguably the most unselfish star athlete of all time, turned down a max contract from the San Antonio Spurs in order for a number of his teammates to be resigned.

Source: Peyton Manning Resisting Colts Efforts to Make Highest Paid Player?

July 28, 2011

NFL Lockout Post Continued…

In follow up to my previous post, I would like to thank the Old Old Spice Guy for bringing us the 2011-2012 NFL season.  Thanks Old Old Spice Guy!

July 27, 2011

DC Pools

I am a native Washingtonian – born at Howard University Hospital, raised on Van Ness Street… And somehow for all these years it escaped my attention that DC has free public pools.

We have free museums/zoo, free public pools, free tennis courts, free parks, free academic/policy lectures, free concerts, free food (at so many events around town!!)… It would only make sense that we also have free pools. For 24 years, I was blissfully ignorant of these free pools. But no longer.

Don’t expect these to pools to be country club style. Remember, just like DC public schools, these are overseen by the geniuses in the DC government. But still – they’re (relatively) nearby, easy to get to, and give you a convenient chance to have fun in the sun – the most important thing to do in the summer!!

Here’s more info.
I recommend the Volta pool!!

July 26, 2011

Thoughts on the End of the NFL Lockout

I know that this is a day late, but I wanted to give my bazillion cents worth on the end of the NFL lockout.

First, the fact that we had a lockout in the first place is ludicrous.  The NFL is a $9.3 BILLION business and the owners and players split this money – not exactly a bad gig.  This lockout isn’t the same as the one in the NBA, where most teams are losing money hand over fist.  The NFL is an insanely profitable business and the lockout was simply an instance of both sides being greedy.

Second, both the owners and the players came out as winners.  The owners increased their share of revenue from 47% to 52% (5% of $9.3 billion is more than you will see in your entire lifetime).  The players, on the other hand, received a minimum spend, equating to 89% of the salary cap (basically, the owners must spend at least $107.1 million of their allotted $120.375 million salary cap) and minimum salaries are increasing across the board.  Also, no extra regular season games, at least for the time being.

Third, both sides really wanted to get this wrapped up so as not to lose any regular season games (after all, we are talking about a $9.3 billion dollar enterprise). The process was eerily similar to Capitol Hill – both sides posture and spin sound bites but in the 11th hour they finally come together to actually accomplish something.

Fourth, this coming weekend is going to be INSANE!!!!!  With the return of the pre-2010 free agency rules, 448 players will hit the unrestricted free agency market on July 28.  With pre-season games starting on August 11, we will basically have one crazy week of signings and roster changes.  What is usually spread over a several month long period is being incredibly condensed.  I, for one, am going to be glued to the rumor mill and any tweets from the NFL insiders.  It’s going to be fun and will definitely get folks ready for some FOOTBALL!!!

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July 25, 2011


Well, it finally happened. Now start the fantasy football research. If you never stopped your fantasy football research you can't be in my league.

thanks to someecards for the pic.

July 16, 2011

Road tripping

The Vivid Karet team is on a road trip, and the adventures have only just begun. During the car ride, Harold the hermit crab has agreed to become a guest contributor to the blog…….

I knew something big was coming. I could no longer hear the noises that came from what my person called Juju – these were frightening noises, but I wondered where Juju had gone. My person had also made piles of bags near my cage. This was something that usually happens, but not in such massive quantities.

As I was reflecting on these matters this morning, I suddenly found myself in midair, and when I looked out of my shell, I found myself in my travel cage. My brothers Thornton and Ronald followed shortly thereafter. I didn’t know if my normal cage was just being cleaned for today (it was a Saturday and my person was at home) or whether something else was going on.

I soon discovered that this was no routine cleaning day, as the travel cage was lifted off the ground – we were going on a road trip!!

It’s not August yet, so I am puzzled. Usually we go to the beach in August to celebrate our cousin’s birthday – this year cousin Ike will turn 14. I’m only 4 or 5. My person can’t remember my birthday. But according to my calendar, this isn’t August.

I’m now in the front of the car, which probably means that there’s someone else or a lot of luggage in the back seat.

Ronald is nervous – he has dug a hole. Thornton is excited – he was climbing around and now he is sitting on Ronald.

I am pensive. We’ve been in the car for several hours now, and my hermit crab sense tells me that we’re somewhere in North Carolina. I wonder where we’re going? Maybe there will be other hermit crabs there. Maybe I’ll make friends with another chinchilla – or even a turtle!!


July 15, 2011



Yep, this about sums it up.

thanks to someecards for the pic.

July 14, 2011

Congressional baseball game


Always a fun event!!

July 14, 2011


I think this whole thing springs from the fact that when finally, at the tender age of 11, I was allowed to stay home alone when mom ran errands, I was instructed NEVER to go to the door if someone knocked. To do so might result in my being kidnapped, mauled, or converted to Mormonism. Only scary people with horrible intentions would ever dare to knock on someone’s door when the mother and father of the household weren’t home, and if they looked harmless through the peephole, it was probably just because they were the front man for the serial killer hiding behind the front hedge. From my mom’s tone of voice I understood that this happened regularly to stupid children, and that she knew many unfortunate parents who had lost their little ones to the Front Door Monsters. At any event, the paranoia wormed its way into my brain, and to this day when I hear someone knock at the door and I’m not expecting it, my first instinct is to run to the bathroom and lock the door.

My fiance found this cute the first time it happened. We were in his apartment, hanging out and watching TV, when there was a knock-knock-knock on the door. I jumped up, ran into his bedroom, and peeked out, waiting for him to take care of it. The UPS guy had him sign for a package, and all was well. The second time it was a kid selling NFL cups for a school fundraiser. I didn’t know that, of course, and hid in the laundry room. After being cute-big-eyed into buying some cups, ChoiLoi told me I was a little bit weird.

Now he just thinks I’m crazy, but he’s slowly getting used to it. Today, the maintenance guys came by to check for bugs. We’re staying with awesome friends, but when you’re in a one-bedroom apartment, the hiding options are limited. What happens if they needed to check for bugs in the closet? There they’d find me, cowering in the dark, ipod in hand, ready to drop into the fetal position should they try to abduct me. “Oh, it’s OK,” I’d tell them, “There aren’t any bugs in here!”

Instead, I had to face them. There’s something eerie about people who you don’t know being in your living space, especially when they invite themselves. All the things that seems perfectly normal to you –the chinchilla in the kitchen, the two TVs, the giant cactus and disassembled hookah– are suddenly objects of attention and amazement. “Oh, yes, that is a chinchilla. He is cute. He does look like a squirrel-mouse. He does poop a lot.” I agree with everything they say. “I have noticed no bugs. I will let you know if I see anything. I do have your contact information.” I throw couch cushions back into place, fold up sleeping bags, try to make our “normal” look like everybody else’s.

The encounter, like every other one that I have experienced in my adulthood, ended normally, with the exterminators leaving having not exterminated a thing (not even me, mom!), but promising to do so should I ever need their services. I understand that the world is not actually out to get me, that there is not a serial killer hiding behind every front hedge, and that the pizza guy is not actually a kidnapper because I ORDERED THE PIZZA AND ASKED THEM TO COME FOR MY CONVENIENCE (as ChoiLoi points out each time). But there’s a certain comfort to having a bathroom door between you and the stranger in your house, a safety to it all that makes me grateful he doesn’t insist on making me get over my childhood fears. Maybe one day you’ll come visit…just make sure I’m not home alone, so someone will actually let you in.

July 14, 2011

The NFL and NBA Lockouts

What is a guy to do with both the NFL and NBA in a lockout? We are suppose to be planning draft parties, scoping out the new rookies, and praying our favorite team lands a star like Nnamdi. Instead we get to sit around the office, clicking refresh on ESPN, hoping we still have a season at all. It makes you wonder what the people involved in the lockout dispute are doing. Specifically, what are the players doing?

While many of the worst athletes playing professional ball still make five-fold what the typical joe schmo American makes, these are still the little guys in this legal battle. These athletes are facing what millions of Americans are currently facing, unemployment. Here is what a few of the athletes are doing to make ends meet during the lockout.

I would like to personally ask Blake Griffin and Kevin Love to come DJ my wedding.